You’re Not The Only Thing Overheating This Summer in Houston

Causes Of Burning Smell From An Air Conditioner

Unlike other places in the United States, Texas is the one place that no one can survive without air conditioning. The weather here is almost always hot and humid, which makes homes and offices extremely hot and uncomfortable with the AC turned off. It is due to this reason that most people ensure their air conditioning maintained regularly to avoid HVAC emergencies. Having a certified Houston HVAC expert work on your air conditioner is the only best way to ensure it remains functional all year round.

With the AC system working all day every day, many people report of a burning smell coming from their air conditions. Although this may be due to the system being overworked, it would be best to have the unit checked immediately.

Some of the common causes of odd smells from cooling systems include:

Musty Odor

AC Man Houston | AC Repair Houston TexasA musty smell may be as a result of a clogged condensate line in the cooling unit, or due to mildew growing in the ductwork. Some of this may be due to the accumulation of water in the drip pan allowing mold to grow.  Should the pan be misaligned in a way, then the drain line gets clogged from the stagnating water. While some AC systems will turn off automatically to prevent further damage, the excess water may short out electricals inside. Having the problem addressed, however, eliminates the problem.

Burning Smells

Always turn off the air conditioner should you detect a burning smell from the system. Both electric and gas powered AC systems need an electric igniter to start.  Should the system be faulty, the igniter can cause an electrical fire which could spread pretty fast especially with the hot and humid air flowing. If certain that there’s a burning smell coming from the system, turn the system off immediately then call a Houston HVAC repair technician immediately. The technician should be able to diagnose the problem and handle the repairs easily.

Getting to know your air conditioner and some of the potential causes of burning smells in HVAC appliances include:

a. A failing motor:

Dust buildup and lack of adequate lubrication on the same is one of the factors that cause the motor to fail and the burning smell. Since the motor has to drive fans in the system, continued use of the same causes significant stress that creates the burning smell. The technician can either repair/clean the motor or replace it altogether.

b. Clogged air filter:

An AC’s air filter works in an almost similar way as your car’s air filter. Its main job is to protect components inside from dust, dirt, and other debris. With this component working all the time, these particles and mostly dust start building up making it hard for the system to get enough air. Charred particles of the filtered out particles add an acrid smell to the air vents, thus the burning smell. Replacing the air filters at least once every 3 months can, however, prevent this from happening.

In Conclusion

Hiring an HVAC contractor in Houston to take care of your AC system is the best way to ensure your system remains in tip top condition. Contact AC Man Houston today for a quote.

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