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Are your energy bills rising to exponential levels and you suspect it’s because of your AC? Are you dissatisfied with your air conditioning system of your house or business?

Well, then go no further as we AC Man are here to help you. We are certified standard dealer located in Houston, although we have branches in Katy and Texas. We work around the clock in ensuring that we put a smile on our client’s faces, as we understand the important role that they have in the success of our business.

Our main objective is to make our clients the happiest people, by offering them quality services and comfortable living. We strive hard to ensure that our clients get value for their money, by helping them install new air conditioners, maintain them and ensuring that they are repaired once they have broken down. Once you have contacted us we will dispatch our team to your home, who will inspect the level of damage that you AC have and after that, they will quote the price that your AC problem will demand. This enables you to budget well your resources, as there will be no additional costs.

AC Repair Specialists & New System Installation Technicians In Rice Military Texas

We have been in the air conditioning field for over 18 years now, waking up on a daily basis to solve the problems of our clients AC. 18 years is not a short time for an Air Conditioner dealer to be in the business. During this time, we have been able to come across all manner of AC problems and how they are solved. There is no problem regarding air conditioners that we cannot be able to address.

In addition, this level of experience has enabled us to fine-tune our services, which has helped us satisfy our clients. With the advanced technology on air conditioning that our qualified and highly experienced technicians use, no matter how complex the air conditioner is experiencing, they will be able to solve it. Choosing to walk with AC Man in solving your air conditioning in your house is the best gift that you can give your house or business.

Commercial & Residential Air Conditioner Repairing Professionals

In the attempt of delivering our clients expectations, we offer different types of services all aimed at improving the air conditioning of your home or business. For instance, we install new air conditioners in your home after the old ones have broken down such that they can never be repaired.

In addition, we repair faulty air conditioning systems, so that they can perform their functions effectively. To top it off, we offer cleaning services of the air conditioning equipment so as they can remain in perfect shape. Our technicians also provide seasonal checkups now and then of the air conditioning system, in order to make sure that they are in the right condition to perform.

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We are a one-stop air conditioner dealer, and you do not have to travel from one place to another trying to find someone to solve your AC problems.

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