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The HVAC System Professionals in Sunnyside, Houston, TX


When it comes to air conditioning and repair services in Katy, Houston, there is no other name better than A/C Man. We dominate this market more than ever and it is because of our sincere terms of service delivery. Our technicians are skilled, experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to heating and cooling of the appliances. They can repair a variety of brands at your home or any business premises.

#1 Air Conditioning Specialists & Repairman

Our able technicians have the patience to check on the problem in your system after which they will estimate the cost and give you a quote that would need your approval before everything starts. We are a certified American Dealers and our services cannot be merged to any other. Just in case you think of getting a new air conditioner, or you are simply not comfortable with the one you have, then you can meet us for the best service delivery. We also give advice on whether to repair or have your system replaced. Gone are the days when you had to incur heavy expenses because of having an inefficient heating system. We have all the solutions.

Air Conditioner Maintenance Technicians

This marks the time since we have been in the limelight. We build customer relationship, experience, and trust. The founder of AC Man has been in the HVAC industry for 18 years and this means you should always expect exclusive services.  Our technicians are disciplined, cautious and work with full integrity and this makes us the best above the rest in Houston. This is the only company that will meet all your repair needs during those hard summer times when there is a lot of heat. The AC Man Company has experience in repairing different brand units. The technicians have the latest knowledge on technology relating to the heating, air conditioners and any other complex repair that might arise.  Our technicians freely give advice and talks on the system units.

A/C Residential Services And Commercial Services Include:

  • Installing of new system units
  • One day repairs
  • Occasion system check-ups
  • Cleaning services
  • Customer care services
  • Major repairs of all brands
  • Trained technicians

Commercial HVAC Experts In Sunnyside Texas

Among the good reasons of having HVAC system is because it is important. Your business and that of your employees and clients will be secure and cost-effective. For as long as the HVAC is continuously running, then you are safe. Our technicians do extend a full year warranty service and this proves that only quality work is delivered.

Be Cooler With AC Man Of Houston!

Our services are 24/7 and you can reach us at (713)460-2653. Our forms are easily available just in case you need our assistance. Since we cherish our clients, your feedback, ideas, and opinions mold us, and we really wish to hear from you!