What is the average electricity bill for air conditioning in Houston?

Finding An Air Conditioning Contractor To Help Save You Money On Your Electricity Bill

When the thermostat rises during the summer period in your Houston home, the cost that is going to be incurred when it comes to turning on your air conditioning system may be said at the time not to be as much as the relief that you are going to get from the heat and the cool air. However, getting to know just how much your Houston home spends in regards to air conditioning costs and also how you can be able to reduce the overall costs is the best way to go about it. According to a study that was carried out, it was found that the Texas state tends to use a whole 26% more in regards to electricity compared to the one that is used on a national basis. The average home in Texas, Houston been included tends to spend a total of $1,800 a year on electricity bills and also makes use of a total of 14,000 kilowatts of electricity. Both of the numbers that have been mentioned have been found to be the highest in the entire nation. Air conditioning systems are the ones that account for almost 20% of the electricity that is used in Texas.

What is the average cost of electricity?

The city of Houston has estimated on average the cost incurred by running a central air conditioning system to be around 900kWh on a six-hour basis in a day. The cost of this would amount to an average of around $120.60 per month or even more dependent on the size of the room and the type of air conditioning system that you are making use of. The temperature levels also play a part in determining just how much energy you are going to make use of. For you to be able to calculate just how much your air conditioning system costs when you run it for a period of one hour, what you need to do is to look at its wattage that is normally on the box. You could also find the wattage on the instruction manual and then multiply the wattage by the total number of hours that you make use of your air conditioning system every single day. For you to be able to do the right calculations, you need to understand that a 1,000-watt air conditioner which is running for one hour will end up consuming a total of 1kWh. The cost of electricity is also going to vary depending on the region that you are in which in this case is Houston. You could also go ahead and check your electricity bill for you to be able to determine the total cost.

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