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AC Man is a certified standard air conditioning dealer based in Houston who has over the years been solving AC problems of the residents of Texas and the surrounding areas. We are committed to ensuring happiness to our clients, as they are the cornerstone to our success. We fully understand the important role that they have on our success and we hold them with the utmost respect and concern that they deserve. We do this by working around the clock in ensuring that we offer quality services to them.

Once you have contacted us for our services we will dispatch our highly qualified and courteous team of technicians who will assess the situation with your air conditioner and the amount of work that it requires to regain its former glory. Once they have done this, they will consequently provide you with a quote of the cost of the services required, in order to give you ample time to find the resources.

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Once you contact us we will immediately dispatch our highly qualified, courteous, and trustworthy technicians, who will inspect the amount of work that is needed to correct the problem in your air conditioning system. After doing so, they will quote the price that you are required to pay for the services upfront even before they start doing the work.

We are a dealer who is very trustworthy and take integrity as our main strong points. This will enable you to budget your funds easily as there will be no additional costs. Therefore, by choosing AC Man, you are choosing the best AC dealer in town, which in turn translates into quality services.

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Our team will walk you through the process of repairing and, maintain your air conditioner, explaining every step of the way. We are not just to solve your problem and go, we are there to build a long-lasting relationship with you, as we notice and fully understand the role you play in our success.

Due to the confidence that we have on our services, we offer you a one-year guarantee of our labor and if anything arises, you can just call us and we will not charge you anything. Nothing could be more fulfilling than that. With the latest technology that we use in solving our clients’ air conditioning problem, we are able to solve even the most complex of issues in the sector.

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We offer a personalized customer experience, where we walk with you through your journey of air conditioning repair and installation. Our team will offer timely updates on the progress of your air conditioner so that you may in the know on what is happening in your home.

To cap it off, we the AC Man are easily accessible during any day and time of the day as we understand the importance that air conditioning is to your family and household.

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We offer different types of services including air conditioners air of any brand, seasonal checkups of the air conditioning systems in order to maintain them in perfect form, equipment cleaning and professional advice on the AC to use and which not to for the conservation of energy.

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