Record cold temperature in Houston

Record Cold Temperatures And Why You May Need Furnace Repair Services

If you have been living in the city of Houston for a very long time or if you are a resident there, then you already know that the coldest ever recorded temperature in the city was 5 degrees. This recorded temperature took place in the year 1930 in the month of January 18th. With this, it is true to say that the city of Houston has ever experienced a below zero temperature and with this, it has also had only four days since the year 1889 whereby the temperature was recorded to be below 10 degrees.

One of those days in which the temperature was seen to be below 10 degrees was the year 1989 the month of December 23rd whereby the temperature was recorded to be at 7 degrees. Other days in the city of Houston that were also relatively cold were in the month of December 24th the year 1989 and December 25th the year 1983. In both dates when the temperatures went to 11 degrees, in the year 1882 January 11th, the temperature then was 12 degrees.

When you are in the city of Houston during the months of mid-November, and through late March, this are when the temperatures have been found to be below freezing. These are also the months whereby below freezing temperatures are also likely to occur. However, it is still important for you to keep in mind that Houston only averages a total of 18 days in a year for the temperatures to go below the freezing mark meaning that those days may not be that common.

The city of Houston is considered to be one of the mildest temperature cities in the United States having a recorded annual average daily temperature of a total of 67.9 degrees. With this records, the residents of Houston know when it is going to get cold and also how they can be able to prepare for these days accordingly.

The coldest temperatures that were recorded in the State of Texas was -23 degrees which took place in the year 1933 the month of February 8th. The difference of the coldest temperatures in Houston and the coldest temperatures in Texas was found to be 28 degrees. This difference was found to be very huge especially when you compare it with the all-time hottest temperatures in Houston with the hottest time in Texas. The big differences in temperatures of both Houston and Texas goes to show just how much milder climate the city of Houston has compared to many other parts of the state of Texas. Understanding the differences will help you to better understand the difference between temperature of one city with that of an entire state.

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