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Furnace Fussing? Houston HVAC Repair AC Man Has Your Back

Why Your Furnace Is Acting Up

A clanking furnace definitely can cause you to lose sleep, but it is also an indication that extra attention needs to be paid to your HVAC system. Think of those sounds as being symptoms. If you are running a fever, then you know your body is trying to fight an illness off; in a similar way, those strange sounds alert you to the problems within the inner workings of your furnace.AC Man Houston | Local HVAC Company | Professional Repair & Maintenance

HVAC issues, in particular, are likely to arise in Houston during the fall and winter. If you own a heat pump, it probably isn’t used to having to work in reverse in order to heat your house, which makes it more likely for previously unnoticed problems to arise during the brief heating season here. The same is true for a furnace if you own one.

Fortunately for you, an experienced professional can provide you with a diagnosis of your HVAC system which is based on the noises that your heat pump or furnace is making. The following are the most common sounds that are an indication that your furnace has a problem.

Chirping, Screeching, and Squealing

If you hear a chirping, screeching, or high-pitched squealing sound, most likely the problem relates to the blower motor. That is the part of the furnace that powers the fan that distributes warm air throughout your home. when the blower motor is impaired there is less heat inside your house.

In this situation, there might be one of three issues that could be causing the blower motor to make loud noises.

  • No lubricant – Without any lubricant, the blower motor gets subjected to additional friction that is unnecessary. Search for oil ports on the two sides of the blower shaft or blower motor. Then put two to three drops of oil into each of them, if your system does have them. It very important to not use all-purpose oil, but furnace-specific oil instead.
  • Loose fan belt – It is on the motor pulley. If the belt has too much slack, the belt will need to be tightened in order to restore the tension. Also, if the belt is too worn it will need to be replaced.
  • Motor bearing problems – Bearings make it possible for the motor to deliver the necessary force for powering the furnace and also reduce unwanted friction at the same time. You will have to replace any worn or broken bearing with new ones so that the functionality is restored.

Thumping, Scraping, and Clanking

If they are loud noises and they continue to persist even when the furnace is on, and not only when it is first starting up, there may be several potential things that are causing it.

  • Broken or loose blower wheel – The blower motor spins this wheel, and it may move around and get loose, which can produce a loud metallic noise. Over time that may cause more serious damage, so the best thing to do is to tighten it right away. If it gets damaged you will need to replace it.
  • Loose motor mount – At times, the motor mount may come loose, which will allow parts along the housing to clang and clatter.
  • Unbalanced or rattling parts – Many parts are contained in the entire blower assembly that may come out of alignment. A professional will be able to asses which parts have to be replaced and which ones can be salvaged.

Banging Sound on Startup

If there is a banging noise only when your furnace comes on, then it is probably not a loose mechanical part. It is most likely one of the following problems.

  • Delayed ignition – A chain of reactions runs a furnace. Based on the specific temperature chosen by the thermostat, a valve will open and allow natural gas inside of the combustion chamber. Then the igniter or pilot light ignites the burner, and your home is warmed by the heat that comes from the reaction.

At times the ignition doesn’t work immediately, which leads to gas building up. When it ignites finally, it results in a mini-explosion – which is the loud banging sound that you hear – and that can damage the heat exchanger to the point beyond repair eventually. The delay may be caused by improper gas pressure, an ineffective flame on the pilot light, faulty igniter, or dirty burner.

  • Funky ductwork – If it doesn’t appear like the bang is coming from the actual furnace, then most likely it is a result of the ductwork expanding and then popping out. Your ducts might be rectangular or too small and may need to be replaced so that the noise issue is alleviated. The fix might also be as simple as getting more vents opened to relieve the pressure or double-check to make sure the air filter does not have any debris inside of it.

Other Sounds

There could be other sounds made by your furnace like clicking, rattling, rumbling, or humming. If only a humming or clicking noise is made by your furnace when it first starts up, then everything is probably functioning okay. However, although it is easy to fix some of those noises, you don’t ever want to place your family and yourself at risk for something that is more serious, such as carbon monoxide poisoning or complete loss of heat. Erring on the side of caution is the best thing to do, and get a professional HVAC technician to make an assessment of the condition of your furnace.

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Heating Tips From Leading HVAC Repair Contractor AC Man

Common Heating Mistakes Homeowners Make In The Winter

During winter in Houston, the days tend to be warm enough that no heating is required to maintain a comfortable temperature indoors. On the other hand, nights can be chilly after the sun sets, so you are not likely to think about how much turning on the heat will cost – you simply want your heating system to work. Unfortunately, your heating system could be costing more than you realize if you are not aware of the steps you could be taking to save energy. There are some common heating mistakes that you may be making while keeping your home warm during winter, so you should take care to keep your heating system working efficiently so your home can be warm without unnecessary costs.

Do Not Turn Your Thermostat All the Way Up At One Time

When your heating system has been turned off for a considerable length of time, you may think of turning it up to a high temperature will heat your home quickly. While this will work, this puts to much stress on your heating system which will reduce its efficiency. This will lead to excess energy use since the unit is not running at top efficiency, and your energy bills will go up. It is much better to turn your thermostat up gradually to reduce the stress on the unit.

Do Not Close Your Curtains During The Day

While the nighttime temperatures in Houston can drop to 40 degrees, there is usually enough sunlight during the day that you will not need to turn up the heat. In addition, if your home is kept relatively warm during the day your furnace will not need to work very hard when you do turn it on after sunset.

Avoid Using Space Heaters

Some people who live in a relatively mild climate such as Houston make the mistake of running space heaters in an attempt to save money. This may work in some cases such as heating a small room like a kitchen or bedroom, but running several at once to heat the whole house can be expensive. Space heaters are high-energy appliances, so they really are not very efficient at heating from a cost perspective. There is also the very real concern that space heaters can be dangerous if not carefully monitored and house fires often are the disastrous result, so the use of space heaters should be avoided if at all possible.

Do Not Close Unused Vents

You may be tempted to close the heat vents located in rooms that are not used very often. It would seem logical that the heat will then be directed to the open vents and provide more heat to those locations. The ducts in most systems are specifically sized to provide heated air to every part of the home, so changing this balance could possibly increase the stress on your heating system. This could eventually reduce the efficiency and longevity of your heating system, so make sure you have all the vents in your home open.

Do Not Depend Entirely On Your Heating System

The heating system in your home is built to be powerful and efficient, but it cannot compensate for certain problems within your home. If you find it difficult to maintain a temperature above 68 degrees even though your thermostat is set at 70, the problem may not be with your heater. A home that has air leaks will be drafty and chilly even though the heating unit is working properly. Make sure you check around your windows and doors to detect any minute cracks or leaks where cold air could be entering.

Do Not Neglect Regular Heating System Maintenance

Too many times people are under the impression that their system is working fine so long as its heating their home. It is very important to have your system checked annually (ideally in the Fall) to make sure there are no unknown issues that could cause problems once cold weather arrives. Even if the unit does continue to produce all the heating necessary, it could be running less efficiently than possible and using more energy which will end up costing more in heating costs.

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Should I Cover My Air Vents?

Air Vent Covers Yea or Nea?

The hot summers are bearable if you have air conditioning that works perfectly. You should not have to endure the heat of summer because you have a faulty HVAC system.

Of the many HVAC system problems we have been called to fix, we have discovered that the problem can be with the air vents that are blocked or close. As such, the homeowners will be quick to think that their heating and cooling system is on the fritz.

The issue of blocked or closed air vents can be accidental. It may happen when rearranging the furniture or when doing some general cleaning and fail to notice the vents. In other cases, people will close the vents with the intention of changing the room temperature around the house but will forget and leave them shut. If the vents are not open so that air can move around the house from the AC, then this increases the risk of damage cost repairs or a new HVAC system.


Why You Should Not Cover Air Vents

  1. It interferes with your system’s airflow
    When the air from the HVAC unit is dispersed into the vents, it needs to flow freely so that the entire system can work properly. Shutting the vents forces excess air back to the AC unit that this leads to costly damages.
  2. It wastes your money
    The restricted flow of air in the vent which can be due to blockage or closed pathways will force the HVAC to work double time to have the desired or set room temperature. In short, the unit will use up more electricity trying to attain the set temperatures, and this leads to a high utility bill.
  3. You could damage your heat exchanger
    With air flow restricted, the eventuality is a buildup of air pressure in the vents that will cause problems with the heat exchanger. The increasing pressure will cause the heat exchanger to crack and possibly release carbon monoxide into the house.
  4. It may trigger complications with your air duct system
    The blocked air will keep building up a press, and it will eventually force its way through the ductwork to escape. As a result, this weakens the duct system; and if the ductwork is old, then damages can be significant and costly.

So, as you think of a new HVAC system for your home, you should consult our experts to ensure that you make the best purchase. We have dedicated technicians ready to pick your call and help you make the right choice that will meet your needs.

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AC Man is a professional HVAC repair company in Houston, TX. We offer both commercial and residential HVAC services. Give us a call today to speak with a professional HVAC repair technician, or check our services.