How many air conditioners are used to cool the Reliant Stadium in Houston?

Reliant Stadium Has To Have A HVAC Contractor On Site At All Times

It may be a very surprising and interesting question to get to find out just how many air conditioners are used in the cooling for the Reliant stadium that is in Houston. The stadium is now known as the NRG stadium and it is able to hold a total capacity of a total of 71,000 plus seating capacity. It is also known to be one of the only stadiums in the NFL that makes use of LED lights so that they can be able to properly illuminate the field. The new lighting system is able to consume a total of 60% less energy compared to the previous one that was used. This energy efficiency is just at a total of 337 kW when the stadium is in its full power. The parking lot of the stadium has a total of 6 electrical vehicle charging stadium. The new stadium renovations of the NRG stadium include a total of 700 solar panels which are going to be used for the upcoming season.

So how are air conditioning systems put in large stadiums like Reliant Stadium in Houston?

When giant roof closes, what happens is that there is an average of 8000 tones of cooling power that is normally used  so as to ensure that the entire stadium is cooled effectively. This kind of power is enough for one to be able to cool an entire 2,400 valley homes all at the very same time. Also, the bill that normally comes out of such a cooling is also something that you cannot ignore! Think about incurring a bill that costs an average of between $500,000 and $600,000 on a monthly basis so as to deal with the heat during summer.

Even though the specifics of the stadium in regards to the ins and outs tend to lie greatly in city office, you can still be able to find out how a number of the biggest stadia like this one are cooled.

So what is the secret?

It has been found that stadiums like the Reliant Stadium in Houston make use of centralized air condition system. What this means is that there are usually multiple numbers of air conditioning units that are normally placed all together in a kind of a centralized location which is also referred to as the central cooling station. The central cooling stations are normally large and noisy and are mostly either on  roof, or they may be contained at the basement of the stadium. Some air handling units are placed on each of the floors of that building. What happens is that multiple air units are then placed on one single floor especially if the floor is found to be unusually large. After this, each of the units is then going to make a distribution of air via the specific ducts made specific to each of the floors.

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