Shifting Your HVAC System To Green Technology Pt1

9 Reasons To Switch To Green HVAC Technology

Heating and cooling accounts for at least 56% of a typical home’s energy usage. This is according to research conducted by the U.S Department of Energy. These figures can, however, change depending on the household’s energy needs, with some commercial building registering up to 73% of energy usage. These figures should be a real cause for concern considering how much you have to pay for the same. Getting a company like King HVAC Scottsdale to switch you to a greener, more efficient, HVAC technology can, however, help keep the bills on the low, as well as reduce your carbon footprint. This applies to both commercial and residential property owners, which is why it is always a good idea to hire a HVAC Contractor to asses your system.

Outlined below are 9 good reasons why you need/should embrace the green HVAC technology.

1. Tax Savings

Under the 2018 federal law, switching to a newer green HVAC system can give you a tax break on the same. While this will depend on the system in question, you could save up to $5000 worth of tax break from installing these systems. This not helps bring down energy bills but also takes care of the cost of replacing the older HVAC system.

2. R22 In Air Conditioners Will Soon Be Illegal

R22 is the standard refrigerant used in most air conditioning and heat pump systems. This ozone-depleting refrigerant is however due to being phased out, come 2020 as the government tries to protect the environment. Banning R22 in the US also means new ACs will have to use the more ecologically-friendly R410A refrigerant. This also means servicing the older HVAC systems will become harder as importing R22 will be illegal after 2020.

Getting rid of that old R22 AC unit and replacing it with the newer green HVAC systems would therefore be a wise idea. In addition to the tax break benefits, the newer systems run efficiently and also use very little energy. If you’re looking or someone to install these new ‘green machines’, check out, for more information.

3. Local Support for Green Systems

Almost everyone, including state and local governments, have stepped in, in promoting the use of green technology to help save the environment. A good example of this is the NYC Carbon challenge that encourages commercial tenants, business owners, private organizations, and nonprofits to work towards reducing their carbon footprint.

The Mayor’s office, under this program, provides the resources and support to participants in this challenge, which enables them to implement improvements in their workplaces. This includes choosing the best green alternatives for heating and ventilation, sustainability initiatives, and efficient on-site generation of energy. With such an initiative, the city might be able to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 80% by the year 2050.

4. Several Green Enhancements for Old HVAC Systems

If you aren’t ready to give up the sweet old HVAC system just yet, you can then take advantage of green enhancements that can make it better.

One of the best investments for the HVAC system is the thermostat. Investing in a smart thermostat makes it easier to control and monitor the system anywhere, anytime using an app from your phone, computer, or tablet. The smart thermostat makes it possible to preset temperatures, as well as control the same remotely. This comes in handy if you had forgotten to adjust the setting before leaving the office. This translates to more energy savings in the long run.

Zoning is another feature you can have installed and enabled on your HVAC system. This feature enables one to control heating and cooling cycles in various rooms (zones) separately. It works by keeping occupied spaces comfortable while shutting off cooling and heating in unused areas. This means you can have either the bedroom or the living room warm, which means no energy is wasted on unused areas and zones. This feature is designed to provide more comfort while lowering energy consumption and costs.

Another useful feature you can have incorporated in the HVAC system is the HVAC economizer. This feature reduces the time the AC system needs to run, hence reducing energy usage by up to 75%. An economizer would be a wise investment even for the old HVAC system. This however isn’t something you can do as a DIY. You’ll need a professional HVAC technician to set it up for optimal performance.

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