5 Tips to Prepare Your Houston Air Conditioner for Spring and Summer

Prepping Your Houston HVAC System For The Seasons

Once winter is over and done with, it is time to prepare your air conditioner for the warmer months ahead. Maintaining your AC seasonally is important. It helps keep the indoor air pure and also keeps any allergens from getting inside as the weather warms up. Here are some tips the Houston AC maintenance professionals recommend following to get your air conditioner prepared.

Remove Outdoor Covers

Once the weather starts to warm up you want to remove your AC’s cover if it has one. If you leave it on, it could damage the system.

Check the Enclosure Panels and Coils

Make sure that your air conditioner is free of damage and in good working condition by clearing any debris from the condenser coils so that they function properly.

Change the Filter

The biggest cause of poor indoor air quality is dirty air filters. When the winter shows sign of giving way to spring, change out your filter and continue to do so once a month.

Clean the Air Ducts

An AC unit can underperform because of dirt, debris and pet hair getting in the air ducts. Clean them with a vacuum or a brush to get rid of blockages.

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When spring begins, it is time to schedule a maintenance appointment with your AC professional. They will inspect the unit to make sure all components are working properly and they will clean it.

If you are ready to get your AC system ready for the warmer spring and summer months, contact the AC Man Houston experts. We have comprehensive repair and maintenance services that will suit all of your AC needs. Give our Houston office a call or contact AC Man Houston now to set up an appointment or to get your HVAC questions answered.